How to get the seller to love you!

What would make a seller love your offer?

If you were a home seller, what would matter Most to you?  Price?  Of course, but right after that you would want someone to get the home that you felt good about and knew would take care of the home!

What is so special about this house?  

Nothing except that it was my very first home and I sold 15 years ago… and I still drive by it today!  We have a real connection to our homes and if you can tap into that with a great introduction letter to a home seller, you may get your offer accepted, sometimes even over a higher priced offer.

All of our buyers use a letter that says positive things about themselves and their career, nice things about the sellers home and most important of all, some sort of connection that you have with the seller.  Maybe you can tell they are a golfer or a cyclist or that they love art or music or anything that you have in common.  Don’t be creepy, but try to connect a passion of yours with a passion of theirs, even if its just the home itself.

Need more ideas?  Here are some sample letters of introduction that our clients used, and got the home they put the offer on!

Kirsten & Matt

Who are we?

We are Kirsten & Matt. I (Kirsten) moved to Portland almost 20 years ago to go to college and never left. I work as a graphic designer for a small local business. Matt moved to Portland in 2003 to escape the East Coast rat race. He works as mechanic at the local Ferrari dealer, but his preferred mode of transportation is his bicycle. We met at the organic beer festival in 2012 and got married in March of this year. We like traveling, seeing live music, going to movies and enjoying the outdoors. Our family also includes Daisy, an 11 year old golden retriever who wants nothing more than to have her belly rubbed and a tennis ball to chase.

Why St. Johns?

St. John’s has a small town feel with all the big city bene ts. My rst apartment after college was in St. Johns so I have seen a lot of changes, but it has not lost its character. We love being close to the river and Forest Park, but we also want to be able to walk into town to get groceries, see a movie or grab a drink with friends. More important than all that is being close to my family who also live in the neighborhood.

Why your house?

Because it’s awesome, duh! Seriously though, you’ve created a beautiful space and it feels like the perfect place for us to create a home and build a family together. The colors are light & airy for those dark and gray Portland winters. The kitchen has been nicely updated and I’ve always wanted concrete counter tops. The bathroom tile is fantastic, and that laundry/powder room! I must confess that I’ve watched a lot of HGTV and always scoffed at people who required “main oor laundry”. What’s wrong with laundry in the garage or basement? Well, now I get it and I don’t want to live without it. As for the backyard… LOVE it! Can’t wait to stock that awesome bar and gather friends around the re pit. There is tons of room for Daisy to chase balls and the studio is the perfect bike shop for Matt.

The location is ideal for us. Being so close to Pier Park would be awesome; we’ll have to dust off our discs. My brother & his family are a short bike ride away and it’s walking distance to my Mom’s. She just moved to Portland after 45 years in my hometown and it’s important for us to be close so we can help as she transitions to this new chapter of her life.

The lowdown

What we appreciate most about your house is the attention to detail, the yard, location and how well it functions. It has been lovingly cared for and we would like to continue that love. We know you will have a lot of interest so we thank you for considering our offer.

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Bianca and Tyler

Dear Ms Clark,

We have been looking for our first home for more than six months, and were elated when we saw your quintessential Portland craftsman come up for sale. Having spent many weekend mornings walking between Mount Tabor and Ladd’s Addition, we’ve dreamed of living in the heart of Southeast Portland.

As a home-centric couple, we love spending time in the kitchen (your Le Creuset Dutch oven was one of the first things we noticed). We will finally have the space for our two Kitchen Aid stand mixers to work in tandem! As a buyer for Rejuvenation, Bianca couldn’t help but notice the period lighting and mortise lock door set. While Tyler was drawn to all the natural light… and as a research scientist in Old Town, is looking forward to summer morning bike commutes to work.

Coming from a 500 sq. ft. apartment, the cozy living and dining rooms will finally allow us to host Thanksgiving, and the additional bedrooms to provide our family with a comfortable place to stay during their frequent visits. Your pleasant backyard is ideal for trying our green thumb at growing vegetables.

As a newlywed couple, your home is the perfect place for us to start our family. Thank your for considering our offer. We love your home, and will continue to make it a warm, inviting place.

Best Wishes,

Bianca and Tyler

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