Neighborhood Notes!

What is it Really like living in a particular neighborhood?  

Our incredible clients have been kind enough to share their Pro and Con thoughts about the neighborhoods they live in.  You can’t get better info on a neighborhood than from great people sharing their thoughts.  We are just starting to get these comments added so check back often!


Stafford, Likes/Dislikes

45.33184174828827, -122.71643270098139

This country area is mostly small acreage properties of about 5 acres. Its quiet and peaceful though a bit expensive. There is little traffic although freeways can get jammed up. It is relatively easy to get most anywhere and avoid traffic problems because I5, 205, Stafford Rd and Hwy 43 are all quite accessible.


Brentwood/Mt Scott, Seth C. Likes/Dislikes

45.47518334556671, -122.58070853546087

Our neighborhood has a lot of young family's moving in and many of the houses are being renovated. It is walkable to the Mt. Scott community center and the shops around there. It is a short bike ride from Woodstock and the shops and stores there are growing and new stuff is moving in all the time. Our street is close off off 82nd and we get a lot of traffic cutting through to avoid stop lights. Other than that it is pretty quiet.


Argay (Shannon H. Likes/Dislikes)

45.550474655721025, -122.52540998160839

We have lived in Argay for almost two years. Our favorite part of where we choose to live is the sidewalks! We have a three year old and nearly everyday we are out in the neighborhood walking, riding bikes or scooters. We go to the school down the street often to play on the structures. We are so excited that we will have a new park completed spring 2017 just three blocks away! We also love our big, private backyard. Our neighbors have been great assets in the neighborhood as well. Everyone looks out for each other and keeps up their yards/homes so everything looks nice. The downside to Argay is the distance to our favorite grocery stores (New Seasons and Trader Joe's), but the quick freeway access of this neighborhood helps with that.


Jennings Lodge (Dave L. Likes & Dislikes)

45.393199359531714, -122.6081507652998

Minus a little update needed to Cook Street, the area is great! Quiet, friendly, peaceful.. People love to hike the area with kids,pets, or both. Everyone maintains their property with pride w/o the need of a pesky H.O.A. looking over their shoulder. It has that "Wonder Years" feel to the neighborhood and I love it! It's exactly what we wanted!


Township Village (Linda D.)

45.255578407479106, -122.68039874732494

We live in Township Village in Canby and love it. Most people in the neighborhood show pride of ownership. Our area is pretty flat, close to schools, (fireworks display within walking distance), close to fire department, main park. Very walkable, quiet neighborhood. We have our own little movie theater, a couple of great Mexican & Thai restaurants. Everything you need to live in a peaceful little community. We're still close enough to Portland to do whatever we want there. We're also only 1/2 mile from the Clackamas County Fairgrounds where there are lots of events to participate in, and within walking distance of the swimming pool & Senior Adult Center


Goose Hollow (Jess S. Likes/Dislikes)

45.51895900115561, -122.6930483803153

It is a very walkable neighborhood. It is close to downtown, NW 23rd and NW 21st shopping and restaurants. Stores like Fred Meyer's are within walking distance. The MAX runs through the area and it is easy to get to the airport on it. The International Rose Garden is a short, pleasant walk nearby. Plus the West Hills are close by and great for exploring. When the Timbers play, it gets very loud and parking can be a problem. To a smaller degree with Lincoln High School games.


Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood (Robin T. Likes/Dislikes)

45.48254970100125, -122.5370673649013

I love that we are so close to the Springwater Trail and Powell Butte. It makes it nice to have a designated route go for a jog or walk up to the trails on the butte. Despite being close to SE 122nd, our neighborhood is fairly quiet. We are just 5 minutes from the freeway, so getting around is easy. I have a love hate relationship with the HUGE evergreen trees on our property. They are big and beautiful; but when it gets windy, the branches fall off the trees and some of them have been big ones. Lastly, our little section of the neighborhood is not fully paved with streets and sidewalks; so there are some areas that are graveled and littered with potholes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed (but not holding my breath) that this changes some day.


Tualatin- Likes & Dislikes (Lisa J.)

45.358127887665994, -122.78767671436071

I love my neighborhood. Neighbors are all friendly, keep up their yards. There are bioswales throughout the neighborhood and walking paths between neighborhoods. We are just a few blocks from Garden Corner and Ibach Park, and within walking distance of the high school which is very handy for my kids and is also great when we go to games and plays at the school because we don't get stuck trying to get out of the parking lot since we can just walk home. I moved to Tualatin about 8 years ago specifically to be in the Tualatin school district and I am very happy to have made that move. Love the schools.


Maplewood/Gabriel Park (Andy G. Likes/Dislikes)

45.47531104841519, -122.72727336734533

Likes: Gabriel Park & SW Community Center, Can walk to Multnomah Village and Hillsdale (longer walk). Not difficult to drive downtown or to main routes such as Beaverton-Hillsdale, 217,I5 Washington Square and other mall stores not far away. Some good restaurants in the area: Seasons and Regions, Laughing Planet, Marcos, etc. Dislikes: Not enough side walks, especially along Vermont. Long walk to nearest grocery store, Multnomah county has higher taxes


Beaverton/ SW 170th (Jenell L. Likes/Dislikes)

45.46471733471323, -122.85393800586462

Pro: close to 2 elementary schools, sidewalks. Con: lousy neighbors (renters)


Forest Grove (Katherine K. Likes/Dislikes)

45.513918588244266, -123.10852222144604

1. Great neighbors, good charter school, central to Portland, u-pick farms, camping, and the beach. 2. Certain parts of town have drug problems (true anywhere I suppose), no natural food store, no great restaurants, and weak public schools.


Forest Grove (Debi K. Likes/Dislikes)

45.50976845428666, -123.10663394629955

Best things: safe, quiet, well-kept properties, close to my daughter, GREAT neighbors, the open space behind the house. Love about our neighborhood: light traffic, generous neighbors, neighbors watch out for each other, children are considerate.


Arbor Lodge- part 2. (Renee D. Likes/Dislikes)

45.56916437979601, -122.68593482673168

We never really need to drive any further than that to go to a box store, Home Depot, etc. we don't get any transient traffic. Neighbors are all nice, but it's pretty mixed as far as demographics. The one negative thing that has happened is that on Christmas Day we were working in the yard around noon and one of Justin's really nice bikes was stolen from our open garage. It wasn't in plain view, so someone actually had to trespass into the garage to find it. We are now much more cautious. We still feel safe in the neighborhood.


Beaverton/SW 185th (Ashley D. Likes/Dislikes)

45.47234328825326, -122.86446265876293

We live on a street with 2 cul-de-sacs so we don't have a lot of traffic on our street which is fantastic! We also have wonderful neighbors which is great. Everything seems pretty safe, and we are close to a few grocery options, shopping options and close enough to hop into the city for a night on the town. We are surrounded by schools, elementary, middle and high school which is great EXCEPT the traffic around the schools during the time we are commuting to or from work. But really only a small negative when we think of all the positives.


Summerfield in Tigard (Carol F. Likes/Dislikes)

45.40771364588345, -122.79040737077594

I like that it is quiet, easy to walk the neighborhood, close to my work, grocery, and freeway. Also that I feel safe and I have a garage Don't really dislike anything. Maybe that there are not more neighbors my own age, but that may change over the years!


Tualatin (Mike & Alison Likes/Dislikes

45.36221027179006, -122.76618652045727

Best Things about your neighborhood? Walkability Safe Friendly Active community Great pride of ownership and doesn't feel cookie cutter Multiple parks nearby Low traffic Great schools What don't you love about your neighborhood? Lack of good local restaurants, mostly chain restaurants. Fortunately there are still good options within 15 minutes of driving. Light I-5 noise


Arbor Lodge- part 1 (Renee D. Likes/Dislikes)

45.569128182188614, -122.68642135037226

It's been almost a year since we moved to Arbor Lodge and there are definitely things we like and don't like. Overall the location is great. It's convenient for us personally, but also close enough to downtown, Mississippi, etc. Arbor Lodge is really quiet. Even living right next to a max stop, we barely hear it. It's come on handy having the max so close as well. It's a great neighborhood for runners and cyclists. Great running space on willamette and in overlook. Easy access through St. John's to forest park. Something really convenient we didn't really know about was how easy we have access to the Portland Meadows shopping area and Jantzen Beach.


Wilsonville (Lud K. Likes/Dislikes)

45.30615520912306, -122.78881736303447

1) Tranquility Park right behind our house - great for strolls on nice or even rainy days and for walking the dog 2) Lowery Primary just a couple of blocks away. Great school 3) A number of parks close by (villebois) for summer time activities 4) Farmers Market every Thursday afternoon throughout the summer 5) Wilsonville in general - Love: Music in the Park, Movies in the Park, Art Festival, Daddy/Daughter Dance, Water Parks, 6) Graham Oaks Park - for running, walking the dog 7) Proximity to equestrian centers


Portland, Oregon


Portland is a vibrant city with as many varied neighborhoods as you can imagine! Our clients have been kind enough to share with you what its like to live in their areas. Click on a marker and see what they have to say! Thank you to all our Clients for sharing. - Dave & Ryan